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Isono of the gravure idol () urabe isoka held the sale commemoration event of DVD 'Growth training' in Tokyo and Akihabara on the 14th.

It takes a picture of this DVD that becomes the third bounce of "Micro Lolita" series that picks up the woman of the height 150cm or less in Tochigi and Nasu. A sexy scene of Bokube who shoots an unbalanced charm at the height 149cm with a rich bust is a contents of full loading.

Especially, in the scene of the kimono to image harmony「It was glad for the first kimono to be put on. Little by little..take off..scene..undergarment..wear..dangerous..laugh..).However, I want you to see because the best favorite. 」With Bokube.
On the other hand, when the thing of independence is worn, it is Iu in the scene of the undergarment. The happening also .."...... ..suitable of the size.. when putting it on in situ . Taking a picture of my undergarment putting it on was terrible and shameful".. :.
Moreover,「In the scene to which the ice cream is spread, it has become Hen because M character. Shite is feeling and (BG) as it is how. 」The meaning deep remark shot out solving, too.

Moreover, Bokube who appeals for versatility has a lot of qualifications, and with the qualification of the first small craft class very much, is Iu.
「Fishing is a hobby. I do not think the sea to want to fish though the ayu or Akebi had been caught before. 」With the salary.
It is Iu now in case of every day of the study of the certified psychiatric social worker.
It talked about the dream , saying that "I wanted to become a counsellor who went out to media in the future".

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