Suzuki anju : to the landlady in 'Mate' the second generation and Hananosato.

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It was clarified that the actress and Suzuki anju joined a new regular of the popular detective drama series 'Mate season10' (TV Asahi 9:00--affiliated after Wednesday every week) on the 18th by the 12th story of broadcasting. Suzuki serial performs "Woman who doesn't attach" once twice with Satico Tsukimoto at season 6 at season 4 in the past. It will serve as the second generation in small restaurant "Hananosato" in broadcast on this day became the fourth appearance landlady, and the regular performs from the next broadcasting (January 25).

"Hananosato" is a small restaurant that Ukyo Sugishita (Yutaka Mizutani) Yasono mate and Kobe Tout (Mitsuhiro Oikawa) who was the hero as the place in which it can rest feeling relieved visited at first of this series. Tamaki Miyabe (Ikue Masudo) who it is a landlady in the shop and is a former wife in Ukyo has been suddenly folding the shop first time at this season special "Atonement. " and (broadcast in October, 2011).

Sachiko who was working as a housekeeper with good salaries at home of the president of the food service chain felt the sense of incompatibility for "It was too attached" me too much after the source, and various riots were raised in broadcast the 12th story "Woman who was too lucky" on this day. Ukyo introduces "Hananosato" to Sachiko who resigned the housekeeper at the end of the story. What kind of all landlady yellowtails will the woman who was sending the life deserted by Tsuki show in the future, and it is paid attention.

Suzuki anju that will perform to 'Mate season10' regular as the second generation of small restaurant "Hananosato" landlady

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